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Metal Roof Misnomers Debunked

Metal roofs offer a distinctive and sturdy form of roofing. With many colors and styles available, and a trademark sound during the rain, metal roofing is becoming a more common, mainstream selection during modern-day roofing projects.

Are metal roofs difficult to maintain? Often times the paint used on a metal roof is specifically formulated to withstand real world conditions longer than that of any regular exterior paint. While the painting process used is fairly complicated, in essence these high quality paints are baked onto a layer made to resist corrosion which sits on top of the metal base. The finished product is ready to take on any common atmospheric conditions while maintaining color and integrity. If a metal roof appears to be discolored after some time (especially when used in polluted or high UV areas), a general cleaning will restore the original surface color and keep your roof an aesthetically pleasing one. One easy-to-use cleaning solution is comprised of water, ammonia, and some ordinary household detergent. If your application is also experiencing some fungal growth that isn't budging after using this mix, do it again, replacing the ammonia in the cleaning brew with some bleach. Finish your tidying up session with a simple rinse. Voila!

Doesn't metal conduct electricity? If I hire a contractor to install a metal roof, will my house attract and get struck by lightning? In short, this is not something to worry about. Metal roofing doesn't attract or detract lightning any more than other roofing materials. The chances of your structure being struck by lightning is dependant on other variables such as being located atop a hill or being a structure that is taller than all those around them. These factors aside, there is no magical "lightning-be-gone" solution that can reduce the risk of being struck. Because metal is an electrical conductor, a properly grounded metal roof is actually a good thing to have in case of a lightning strike due to the fact that a metal roof isn't combustible at all. If lightning strikes are common in your area, considering a properly installed lightning rod to provide a non-hazardous electric path may be worth some merit.

Although initial reactions to the thought of a metal roof may cause trepidation, at a closer look we can see that metal roofing systems are attractive while durable, resistant to the elements, and safe to habitate under.
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